Thought leadership campaigns

How many brand messages reach us each day? One thing is certain: The number is high, and the trend is increasing, including in the B2B market. Omnichannel marketing collides with addressees’ short attention  spans and limited time budgets. How should B2B companies respond? How can they still place their messages?


Thought leadership communications

Thought leaders get attention. To be recognized as an opinion leader, a company must follow a straightforward principle: Customer-oriented, valuable, relevant content - planned, developed and placed in a professional manner - comes first, product marketing second.


Securing competitive advantages

Thought leadership campaigns can create clear benefits, such as raising brand recognition, increasing trust and enhancing reputation. This can generate a tailwind for lead generation and conversion.


Earned Media

By leveraging earned media, companies can create brand awareness and trust. Reach can be enhanced with selected complementary measures focusing on owned and shared media, and optionally paid media as well.


I would be glad to talk with you about how a tailor-made thought leadership campaign could be implemented for your company.