• Tasch Communications

    is a public relations agency for corporate and business-to-business (B2B) communications.
  • Shifting the perspective

    To bring clients’ performance into clear focus, increase trust capital, and build and protect reputation.
  • Service portfolio

    Tasch Communications supports large and medium-sized companies and PR agencies.
  • Thought leadership campaigns

    How B2B companies can increase their reputation and obtain a competitive edge.
  • Industry expertise

    Tasch Communications provides comprehensive industry expertise in vertical markets such as Airlines, Automotive Suppliers , Professional Services and Technology.
  • Adding value

    I contribute added value through a combination of experience, advisory skills, sought-after
    industry expertise, implementation skills and a results orientation, all with no overhead.
  • About me

    I worked as a communications consultant and a copywriter for major network agencies and in companies in a career spanning 30 years. I focused on corporate, B2B and technology communications and on corporate and consumer communications for airlines.
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